Curriculum vitae

After serving my apprenticeship and receiving my papers as engineer,in Scotland, I joined the merchant navy as a junior officer. Nine months was enough to realize that this was not my future and I moved to Holland, met my wife and started to learn the Dutch language; worked as a sheet metal worker / welder in a small shipyard.

In April 1971, I started working, in the technical department, for an aluminium smelter, Aluminium Delfzijl, experienced all the processes, machines , furnaces, etc, needed to produce aluminium ingots from alumina.

In 1980, I applied for a position at VFP in the maintenance dept, covering all the machines used for producing foil, printing, laminating etc. While in this function, I studied for diploma's, electrics, radiation and in 1990, a computer course in England at Davy McKee ( now Siemens VAI). Later in this same year I was sent to a Hydro plant in Brondby, Denmark, which had closed. There I supervised and coordinated, alone, the dismantling and transport to Holland of a Schmutz separator and a heavy duty slitter, this slitter was later sold to Symetal / Elval in Greece. In 2000 I also worked in the production side. I worked on the mills producing aluminium foil / band (thickness 260 - 6,3 micron ), later I went to the grinding dept. to acquire knowledge of the grinding aspects related to foil quality, production and surface finish.

In 2003 it was decided to revamp the roughing mill, Optirol i 2 combined with a VAI air-bearing shape Roll, and install a plate filter, so I updated the old electrical drawings to enable a smooth change-over to the PLC system that would be installed for both mill and filter. This meant that I was involved in all the discussions between Achenbach and Unitechnik as to what was needed. After completion, I was asked to take up the position of process technologist and fine tune the mills and down gauge to 6,3 microns. Unfortunately in 2006, it was decided to close the mill department. I took charge of the supervision of the dismantling of the total mill dept which was sold to India.

Since then and till July 2011, I was mainly working on the quality and qualifications for incoming aluminium and paper. I was also responsible for a metalizing and menthol department.

Midway 2011 , I took early retirement and started my own business as an aluminium consultant. Worked for an aluminium company ,Hyrdo Slim, in Italy for 3 months to improve the foil quality. Thereafter I have been to a firm in South Africa twice to resolve issues and work on a regular base, for a Chinese company, in  europe and often in China on issues also concerning foil quality.